Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to our blog

We are starting this blog to provide information on the management of information systems for small to mid- sized businesses. Our intent is to provide our insights after many years of experience as consultants to numerous businesses. Although our intent is be as generic as possible, like everyone else our observations will be somewhat clouded by the software we have worked with. We are going to try and answer some of the more common questions we run into hence our next blog will be “Upgrades why bother?”

Topics we are intending to look at are:

  • Project Management what is it and should I pay for it.
  • Choosing the right software for your business
  • How to best purchase the right software
  • How to decide whether an upgrade of current systems or a full re-implementation will be most cost effective
  • Implementation tricks and traps
  • Maximizing your current system investment
  • What should you expect during an implementation


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