Thursday, May 13, 2010

Multiple Solutions for Multiple Needs

PositiveVision has been helping businesses in the Greater Chicago Area as a software consultant for more than 8 years. Having installed countless applications and supported dozens of companies, the principals of PositiveVision remain the same, continually offer the best software applications, ones that provide our clients with the integration capabilities and efficiencies to meet their needs.

With that said, we are very excited to announce our newest product offering, Microsoft Dynamics GP. This solution has proven itself as a flexible, powerful business management solution. But despite its long track record, it still sets the standard for innovation, with powerful tools for creating insight and efficiency across your business.

This addition to our current product offering helps complete our tool box, offering a solution for every business including:

- Peachtree by Sage
- Sage PFW ERP
- Sage MAS 500 ERP
- Microsoft Dynamics GP

1 comment:

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